2013/2014 Competition Awards
Dance Masters of Pennsylvania, Chapter 10
Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Aprll 16-19, 2014
The Imparted - Choreography Award - Small Lines
Last Dance - Choreography Award - Large Lines
Last Dance - Entertainment Award

Division 4 Duo/Trios
How to Be A Heartbreaker (Casey Kauffman/Emma Bannach) - 2nd Place

Division 5 Duo/Trios
We Can't Stop (Sarah Funk/Cassandra Greenland) - 4th Place

Division 6 Duo/Trios
The Gambler (Jimmy Bonilla/Emily Kuskowski) - 2nd Place

Division 5 Groups
Grow - 3rd Place

Division 5 Small Lines
Here We Go Again - 5th Place

Division 5 Large Lines
Last Dance - 1st Place

Division 4 Productions
Matilda - 1st Place

Division 4 Solos
Sweet and Low - Casey Kauffman - 2nd Place
I'm Through - Emily Dale - 4th Place

Division 5 Solos
Dancing On My Own - Sara Funk - 3rd Place
The Chairman's Waltz - Emma Bannach - 4th Place

Division 6 Solos
Power of Love - Kaycie Weiss - 1st Place
I Dreamed a Dream - Lyndy Adamonis - 2nd Place

GK Dance Competition - Bedford, PA
April 12, 2014
Scholarship Awards
Lyndy Adamonis - $2000
Jimmy Bonilla - $1500
Kaycie Weiss - $750
Emily Kuskowski - $250

Director's "One More Time" Awards
Last Dance

Perfect Scores
I Wanna Be A Rockette - Julia Miller
The Chairman's Waltz - Emma Bannach
Last Dance
The Imparted

DanceMakers, Inc. - Tysons Corner, VA
April 4-6, 2014
Nationals Scholarships
Lyndy Adamonis
Emma Bannach

Broadway Dance Center Scholarships
Lyndy Adamonis
Emma Bannach

Every Regional City Scholarship
Jimmy Bonilla

Clifton Scholarship
Kaycie Weiss

Encore Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
March 28-30, 2014
Petite Solo Overalls - 4th Place - Mia Reese
                                5th Place - Shay Kaminski
Junior Solo Overalls - 2nd Place - Julia Miller
                                3rd Place - Rachel Ahn
Elite Division Teen Overall Solos - 2nd Place - Casey Kauffman
                                                 3rd Place - Cassandra Greenland
Elite Division Top Senior Solos - 2nd Place - Emma Bannach
                                               3rd Place - Lyndy Adamonis
                                               4th Place - Kaycie Weiss
                                               5th Place - Emily Kuskowski
                                               6th Place - Sara Funk
                                               7th Place - Jimmy Bonilla

Elite Division Overall Junior Duo/Trios - 1st Place - Accentuate the Positive
                                                          2nd Place - Growing Up
                                                          3rd Place - #thatpower
                                                          4th Place - Watch Me Work
                                                          5th Place - The House That Built Me
Elite Divisions Overall Teen Duo/Trios - 1st Place - Reflections
                                                         2nd Place - Dancing
                                                         3rd Place - We Can't Stop
                                                         5th Place - Ave Maria
Elite Division Top Senior Duo/Trios - 1st Place - I Will Wait
                                                      4th Place - The Gambler
                                                      5th Place -  Young and Beautiful

Ooh La La: 3rd Place Overall Petite Small Group
When I Get My Name in Lights: 1st Overall Petite Large Group
Enlightenment: Elite Division Junior Small Group 2nd Place Overall
Goodbye: Elite Division Overall Junior Large Group 1st Place
Matilda: Elite Division Overal Junior Production 1st Place, Junior Highest Score
Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: Elite Division Senior Small Group 1st Place
The Imparted: Elite Division Senior Small Group 3rd Place
Nothing Compares To You: Elite Division Senior Small Group 4th Place
Lead You In: Elite Division Top Teen Large Group                                              
Here We Go Again: Elite Division Top Senior Large Group

Special Awards
Reflections (Kaycie & Julia): Elite Division Teen Highest Score of the Competition
Enlightenment: Judge's Choice Best Choreography
Petite Grand Finals Scholarship - Mia Reese
Junior Grand Finals Scholarship - Julia Miller
Senior Grand Finals Scholarship - Lyndy Adamonis

All American Talent Awards - Lancaster, PA
March 21-23, 2014
Naughty - Riley Kauffman: Platinum, 1st Place Petite Musical Theatre Solo
Roam - Lindsey Weaver: Platinum, 1st Place Petite Novelty Solo
Beauty in the World - Mia Reese: Platinum, 1st Place Petite Tap Solo
I Wanna Be A Rockette - Julia Miller: High Platinum, 1st Place Junior Solo
Chairman's Waltz - Emma Bannach: High Platinum, 1st Place Overall Teen Solo
Power Of Love - Kaycie Weiss: Platinum, High Score Senior Contemporary Solo
I Dreamed a Dream - Lyndy Adamonis: High Platinum, High Score Senior Lyrical Solo
                                                          Overall High Score Senior Solo

Funky Y2C - Shay Kaminski & Mia Reese: 1st Place Petite Jazz Duo/Trio
#thatpower - Kiyah Lugue & Hope Neal: 1st Place Junior Hip Hop Duo/Trio
Circus - Jenna Brugler & Brooke Givens: Platinum, 1st Place Junior Novelty Duo/Trio
Reflection - Julia Miller & Kaycie Weiss: High Platinum, 1st Place Overall Teen Duo/Trio
Bump -Jimmy, Emily Kuskowski, & Jen Veltri: High Platinum, 
                                                                           1st Place Senior Hip Hop Duo/Trio
Young and Beautiful- Lyndy, Jimmy, & Kaycie: High Platinum, 
                                                                    1st Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio
I Need A Dollar - Rachel King & Emily Kuskowski) - High Platinum,
                                                                      1st Place Senior Jazz Duo/Trio
I Will Wait - Lyndy & Jimmy - High Platinum, 
                      1st Place Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio and 3rd Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio
Elephants - Lyndy, Kaycie, & Jill: High Platinum,
          1st Place Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio and 2nd Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio

Come Down to Me: Platinum - 1st Place Petite Lyrical Small Group
Matilda: High Platinum, 1st Place Junior Musical Theatre Line and
             3rd Place Overall Junior Line
Last Dance: High Platinum, 3rd Place Overall Teen Large Group
The Imparted: High Platinum, 2nd Place Overall Senior Small Group
Grow: High Platinum, 1st Place Overall Senior Small Group
Always A Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: High Platinum, 2nd Place Senior Small Group

Studio Award for the most Platinums & High Platinums in the Competition

Broadway Dance Center Scholarships
Lyndy Adamonis
Emma Bannach
Jimmy Bonilla
Kaycie Weiss

NUVO Dance Competition - Baltimore, MD
February 28 - March 2, 2014
Breakout Artist Finalists
Lyndy Adamonis
Rachel Ahn
Jimmy Bonilla
Julia Miller
Kaycie Weiss

Ballet Class Standout
Olivia Krum

Hip Hop Class Standouts
Jaden Carothers
Sylvia Mania
Kayla Orner
Mia Reese

Jazz/Contemporary Class Standouts
Emma Bannach
Brooke Givens
Cassandra Greenland
Sloane Hockenberry
Kiyah Lugue
Jill Wess

Tap Class Standout
Madeline Burns

Group Awards
3rd Place of Mini Lines: "Wings"
2nd Place of Junior Duo/Trios: "Growing Up"
3rd Place of Senior Groups: "Grow"

Motion Dance Competition - Altoona, PA
February 8-9, 2014

Scholarship Recipients:
Julia Miller
Jaden Carothers
Graysi Pellegrine
Emma Bannach
Lindsey Weaver

World Dance Movement Scholarship: Kaycie Weiss 

Motion Elite Dancer: Emma Bannach

DanceMakers, Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
January 17-19, 2014

Group Awards
Pre-Teen Line Overall High Score: "Goodbye"
Entire Pre-Teen Category Overall High Score: "Growing Up"
Teen Duo/Trio Overall High Score: "Dancing"
Senior Duo/Trio Overall High Score: "I Will Wait"
Senior Production Overall High Score: "Last Dance"
Entire Senior Category Overall High Score: "The Imparted"
Dance Again Award: "The Imparted"
Most Entertaining Award: "Matilda"

Teacher Awards
Kaycie Weiss (from Tommy Alexander)
Julia Miller (from Gina Badone)
Jaden Carothers (from Kyle Robinson)
Rachel Ahn (from Kyle Robinson)
Lyndy Adamonis (from Kyle Robinson)
Kiyah Lugue (from Kathryn McCormick)

Scholarship Finalists
Jimmy Bonilla, Emma Bannach, Casey Kauffman, Megan Reese,
Lyndy Adamonis, Kaycie Weiss

Scholarship Winners to Retter's School of Dance in Los Angeles
Jimmy Bonilla and Megan Reese

Solo Awards
Alyssa Montler: 1st Runner Up in Camp Dance Adventure Category
Rachel Ahn: 2nd Runner Up in Pre-Teen Category
Julia Miller: Miss Pre-Teen Winner
Casey Kauffman: 2nd Runner Up in Teen Category
Cassie Greenland: 1st Runner Up in Teen Category
Emily Dale: Miss Teen Winner
Lyndy Adamonis: Miss Senior Winner
Jimmy Bonilla: 1st Runner Up in Senior Mr. Category

NUVO Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
November 22-24, 2013

Die Hard Dancer Award: Brooke Givens
Ballet Standout Award: Lyndy Adamonis
Breakout Artist Finalists: Julia Miller & Jimmy Bonilla

Dance Masters of PA Title Competition - Pittsburgh, PA
November 1-3, 2013

-Jimmy Bonilla: Winner of Mr. Dance of PA 2014
-Lyndy Adamonis: 3rd Runner-Up to Miss Dance of PA 2014
-Kaycie Weiss: Talent Award for Miss Dance of PA 2014
-Julia Miller: 1st Runner-Up to Jr. Miss Dance of PA 2014, Ballet & Jazz Awards
-Rachel Ahn: 3rd Runner-Up to Jr. Miss Dance of PA 2014, Ballet & Jazz Awards

2012/2013 Competition Awards

All American Talent Awards - Lancaster, PA
April 20-21, 2013

-Mr. All American Talent: Jimmy Bonilla, High Platinum
-Miss Photogenic: Leah Cable
-Fly (Lyndy Adamonis & Megan Reese): High Platinum, 1st Place Teen Duo/Trio
-Alissa Lies (Emily Dale & Cassie Greenland): High Platinum, 2nd Pl. Teen Duo/Trio
-Near Light (Lyndy Adamonis & Leah Cable): 2nd Place Senior Duo/Trio
-It's a Man's World (Lyndy, Jimmy, Leah): High Platinum, 3rd Place Senior Duo/Trio
-Adrift: High Platinum, 2nd Place Teen Group
-Starting Over (Lyndy Adamonis): High Platinum, 2nd Place Senior Solo
-Pretty Face (Leah Cable): High Platinum, 3rd Place Senior Solo

Grier Gala - Tyrone, PA
April 6-7, 2013

-Sara Funk: Full Scholarship to Grier School Summer Intensive
-Casey Kauffman: Full Scholarship to Grier School Summer Intensive

Dance Masters of America, Chapter 10 - Seven Springs, PA

March 27-30, 2013

-13/14 Year Old Age Division: Solos
"Draw Down the Stars" - Sara Funk, 3rd place of 38, Platinum Score
-15/16 Year Old Age Division: Solos

"Flightless Bird" - Jimmy Bonilla, 2nd place of 40, Platinum Score
"Wait" - Kaycie Weiss, 4th place of 40, Platinum Score
-17/18 Year Old Age Division: Solos
"Pretty Face" - Leah Cable, 2nd place of 40, Platinum Score
"Starting Over" - Lyndy Adamonis, 4th place of 40, Platinum Score
-15/16 Year Old Age Division: Duos/Trios
"One Beautiful Evening" - Leah Cable & Sara Funk, Platinum Score
-15/16 Year Old Age Division: Groups
"Somewhere" - 5th place of 36, Platinum Score
"Adrift" - 11th place of 36

Hollywood Vibe Dance Competition - Cleveland, OH
March 22-24, 2013

-Lyndy Adamonis: Grand Prize Hollywood Vibe Scholarship, Senior Division
-Kaycie Weiss: Senior Scholarship Finalist
-Jimmy Bonilla: Senior Scholarship Finalist
-Elizabeth Golaszewski: Junior Scholarship Finalist
-Choreography Award: "Somewhere" choreographed by John Daulby
-"Struttin' in Heels" Award: "It's a Man's World"
   choreographed by Meghan Richards


Encore Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
March 16-17, 2013

We received 23 Platinums and 16 Diamonds!!!
 -Judge's Special "Sunshine" Award:
Michelle Irwin

-Most Entertaining Teen/Senior Dance of the Competition: 
    Choreographed by John Daulby
-Highest Score for Teen/Senior Elite Division:
"Starting Over" 
    Danced by Lyndy Adamonis, Choreographed by Kayley Swope
-Highest Score for the Mini/Junior Competitive Division:
"Get To Know Me"
    Danced by Rachel Ahn, Kenzie Brown, Julia Miller
    Choreographed by Kayley Swope

Motion Dance Convention - Altoona, PA
February 23-24, 2013

Scholarship Recipients:
-Lyndy Adamonis
-Jimmy Bonilla
-Brooke Givens
-Casey Kauffman

Jump Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
February 1-3, 2013
-Lyndy Adamonis - VIP Finalist
-Rachel Ahn - VIP Finalist
-Hope Neal - Jazz Class Standout
-Kaycie Weiss - Jazz Class Standout    
-Olivia Krum - Hip Hop Class Standout
-Julia Miller - Ballet Class Standout    
-Jimmy Bonilla - Ballet Class Standout

Dance Masters of PA, Chapter 10 - Pittsburgh, PA
January 27, 2013
Lyndy Adamonis - Tuition Scholarship First Runner-Up

DanceMakers Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
January 18-20, 2013

  • Mr. Senior High Score - Jimmy Bonilla
  • Miss Senior 1st Runner Up - Lyndy Adamonis
  • Miss Senior 2nd Runner Up - Kaycie Weiss
  • Miss Senior 3rd Runner Up - Emily Kuskowski
  • Miss Teen 3rd Runner Up - Cassandra Greenland
PreTeen Judges' Choice - Habanera (Millie Brannen/Bella Rater)
Overall Judges' Choice - Somewhere
Teen Line Best of Category - Misery Loves Company
Teen Production Best of Category - Telephone
Dance Again Award - Somewhere

Hope Neal (Hip Hop)
Mia Reese (Hip Hop)
Jimmy Bonilla (Clifton Dance Project)
Kaycie Weiss (Clifton Dance Project)
Lyndy Adamonis (Retter's Academy of Dance)



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