2015/2016 Competition Awards
Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA
September 26, 2015
Julia Miller: Winner of Cash Scholarship (3rd Overall)

2014/2015 Competition Awards

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Seven Springs, PA
April 1-4, 2015
Stand Out: 2nd Place age 9-10
Born To Be Somebody: 7th Place age 9-10
When She Loved Me: 11th Place age 9-­10
Pandora's Box: 6th Place age 13-14
Metamorphosis: 8th Place age 13-14, Overall Judge's Choice Solo
With Love: th Place age 13-14
Take Me Home: 13th Place age 13-14
Rather Be: 15th Place age 13-14
Make It To Me: 1st Place age 15­-16
Say You Love Me: 4th Place age 15-16
Out on the Town: 8th place age 15­-16 solo
Requiem On Water: 9th Place age 17­-18
Gone: 1st place age 19+ 

We Got the World: 1st Place age 9-­10
Be Still: 2nd Place age 13-­14
I Know You Care: 4th Place age 13-14
Mama Knows Best: 6th Place age 13­-14
The PromiseL 2nd Place age 15-­16
All I Want: 6th Place age 15­-16

Perfect: 1st Place age 7-8, Choreography Award
Grow Up: 4th Place age 9-­10
We Own The Night: 1st Place age 11-12
Beautiful The Musical: 1st Place age 11-12, Choreography Award
Youth: 1st Place age 13-14
Love Is A Verb: 2nd Place age 13-14
Retrograde: 3rd Place age 15-16
Jet Set: 7th Place age 15­-16
Down the Burning Ropes: 2nd Place age 17-18, Best Choreography of Entire Competition
Run: 1st Place age 17-18
Work: 1st Place age 17-18, Choreography Award

Encore Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
March 27-29, 2015

Shay Kaminski: Grand Finals Scholarship
Emma Bannach: Professional Promise Award/scholarship

Diamond Performances
When She Loved Me
Be Still
Grow Up
Love Is A Verb
Beautiful The Musical
Pandora's Box
Out On The Town
Make It To Me
All At Sea
Say You Love Me
The Promise
Down The Burning Ropes

Junior Highest Overall Score: Metamorphosis
Teen Highest Overall Score: Pandora's Box
Senior Highest Overall Score: Down The Burning Ropes

Sheer Talent Dance Competition - Pittsburgh, PA
March 7-8, 2015

Stella Morris
Emma McCurdy
Julia Miller
Rachel King
Bella Rater
Lindsey Weaver
Riley Kauffman
Amelia Rater

½ Scholarship to International Ballet Intensive, Las Vegas:
Julia Miller
Rachel Ahn
Emma Bannach

Peridance in NYC class card:
Emma Bannach

Special Awards:
“Pleasant Outlook” Brooke Givens
“Sheer Preparedness” Julia Miller
“Sheer Enthusiasm” Bella Rater
“Powerhouse Award” Emma Bannach
“Sheer Smile” Stella Morris

PreTeen Overall Solo: 3rd Place: Rachel Ahn
PreTeen Overall Duet: 3rd Place: “Be Still”
Teen Overall Solo: 5th Place: Julia Miller
Teen Overall Trio: 3rd Place: “I Know You Care”
Teen Overall Group: 3rd Place: “Love is A Verb”
Senior Overall Solo: 3rd Place-Rachel King, 2nd Place-Emma Bannach

Nuvo Dance Convention - Bethesda, MD
February 27 - March 1, 2015

"Perfect": 2nd Place Mini Extended Line
"Supa Dope": 3rd Place Mini Extended Line
"Be Still": 3rd Place Junior Duo/Trio
"Out on the Town," Casey Kauffman: 10th Place Teen Solo
"Run": 3rd Place Senior Line
Rachel Ahn: Junior Breakout Artist Winner
Riley Kauffman: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist
Elizabeth Golaszewski: Tap Standout Award
Paige Hockenberry: Tap Standout Award
Hope Neal: Tap Standout Award
Emma Bannach: Ballet Standout Award
Emily Beyer: Ballet Standout Award
Amelia Rater: Ballet Standout Award
Anna Scourtis: Ballet Standout Award
Kiyah Lugue: Hip Hop Standout Award
Jaden Carothers: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Raegan Dinant: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Bayla Furmanek: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Cassandra Greenland: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Julia Miller: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Alyssa Montler: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Megan Reese: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Sabrina Velegol": Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Studio Pick: "Run"
Well-Rounded Studio Award

Motion Dance Convention - Altoona, PA
February 14-15, 2015

Rachel Ahn: Best Costume
Julia Miller: Outstanding Performance, 3rd Overall Score of competition
Lindsey Weaver: Most Inspiring

Mini: Shay Kaminski, Riley Kauffman, Lindsey Weaver
Junior: Bayla Furmanek
Senior: Emma Bannach, Rachel Ahn
Broadway Dance Center Award: Emma Bannach

Jump Dance Convention - Philadelphia, PA
January 30 - February 1, 2015

VIP Finalist: Julia Miller

DanceMakers, Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
January 16-18, 2015

Junior Soloist 1st Runner-Up: Shay Kaminski
Pre-teen Soloist 3rd Runner-Up: Hope Neal
Teen Soloist 2nd Runner-Up: Rachel Ahn
Teen Soloist Winner: Julia Miller
Senior Soloist 2nd Runner-Up: Emma Bannach
Senior Soloist Winner: Cassandra Greenland
Senior Duo/Trio Winner: Promise - Casey Kauffman, Sara Funk, Emma Bannach
Junior Line High Score: The Final Cut
Junior Production High Score: Perfect
Pre-Teen Production High Score: We Own the Night
Pre-Teen Overall High Score of Division: Youth
Teen Production High Score: Work
Highest Score of Entire Competition, with a PERFECT score: Down the Burning Ropes
Scholarship to Nationals Recipients: Julia Miller, Riley Kauffman, Caroline Hughes

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA
Special Awards: Emma Bannach, Cassandra Greenland, Rachel Ahn, Julia Miller






























































































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