2014/2015 Competition Awards

Sheer Talent Dance Competition - Pittsburgh, PA
March 7-8, 2015
Stella Morris
Emma McCurdy
Julia Miller
Rachel King
Bella Rater
Lindsey Weaver
Riley Kauffman
Amelia Rater

½ Scholarship to International Ballet Intensive, Las Vegas:
Julia Miller
Rachel Ahn
Emma Bannach

Peridance in NYC class card:
Emma Bannach

Special Awards:
“Pleasant Outlook” Brooke Givens
“Sheer Preparedness” Julia Miller
“Sheer Enthusiasm” Bella Rater
“Powerhouse Award” Emma Bannach
“Sheer Smile” Stella Morris

PreTeen Overall Solo: 3rd Place: Rachel Ahn
PreTeen Overall Duet: 3rd Place: “Be Still”
Teen Overall Solo: 5th Place: Julia Miller
Teen Overall Trio: 3rd Place: “I Know You Care”
Teen Overall Group: 3rd Place: “Love is A Verb”
Senior Overall Solo: 3rd Place-Rachel King, 2nd Place-Emma Bannach

Nuvo Dance Convention - Bethesda, MD
February 27 - March 1, 2015
"Perfect": 2nd Place Mini Extended Line
"Supa Dope": 3rd Place Mini Extended Line
"Be Still": 3rd Place Junior Duo/Trio
"Out on the Town," Casey Kauffman: 10th Place Teen Solo
"Run": 3rd Place Senior Line
Rachel Ahn: Junior Breakout Artist Winner
Riley Kauffman: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist
Elizabeth Golaszewski: Tap Standout Award
Paige Hockenberry: Tap Standout Award
Hope Neal: Tap Standout Award
Emma Bannach: Ballet Standout Award
Emily Beyer: Ballet Standout Award
Amelia Rater: Ballet Standout Award
Anna Scourtis: Ballet Standout Award
Kiyah Lugue: Hip Hop Standout Award
Jaden Carothers: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Raegan Dinant: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Bayla Furmanek: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Cassandra Greenland: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Julia Miller: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Alyssa Montler: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Megan Reese: Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Sabrina Velegol": Jazz/Contemporary Standout Award
Studio Pick: "Run"
Well-Rounded Studio Award

Motion Dance Convention - Altoona, PA
February 14-15, 2015
Rachel Ahn: Best Costume
Julia Miller: Outstanding Performance, 3rd Overall Score of competition
Lindsey Weaver: Most Inspiring

Mini: Shay Kaminski, Riley Kauffman, Lindsey Weaver
Junior: Bayla Furmanek
Senior: Emma Bannach, Rachel Ahn
Broadway Dance Center Award: Emma Bannach

Jump Dance Convention - Philadelphia, PA
January 30 - February 1, 2015

VIP Finalist: Julia Miller

DanceMakers, Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
January 16-18, 2015

Junior Soloist 1st Runner-Up: Shay Kaminski
Pre-teen Soloist 3rd Runner-Up: Hope Neal
Teen Soloist 2nd Runner-Up: Rachel Ahn
Teen Soloist Winner: Julia Miller
Senior Soloist 2nd Runner-Up: Emma Bannach
Senior Soloist Winner: Cassandra Greenland
Senior Duo/Trio Winner: Promise - Casey Kauffman, Sara Funk, Emma Bannach
Junior Line High Score: The Final Cut
Junior Production High Score: Perfect
Pre-Teen Production High Score: We Own the Night
Pre-Teen Overall High Score of Division: Youth
Teen Production High Score: Work
Highest Score of Entire Competition, with a PERFECT score: Down the Burning Ropes
Scholarship to Nationals Recipients: Julia Miller, Riley Kauffman, Caroline Hughes

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA
Special Awards: Emma Bannach, Cassandra Greenland, Rachel Ahn, Julia Miller

2013/2014 Competition Awards
Dance Masters of Pennsylvania, Chapter 10
Seven Springs Mountain Resort, April 16-19, 2014
The Imparted - Choreography Award - Small Lines
Last Dance - Choreography Award - Large Lines
Last Dance - Entertainment Award
Division 4 Duo/Trios
How to Be A Heartbreaker (Casey Kauffman/Emma Bannach) - 2nd Place
Division 5 Duo/Trios
We Can't Stop (Sarah Funk/Cassandra Greenland) - 4th Place
Division 6 Duo/Trios
The Gambler (Jimmy Bonilla/Emily Kuskowski) - 2nd Place
Division 5 Groups
Grow - 3rd Place
Division 5 Small Lines
Here We Go Again - 5th Place
Division 5 Large Lines
Last Dance - 1st Place
Division 4 Productions
Matilda - 1st Place
Division 4 Solos
Sweet and Low - Casey Kauffman - 2nd Place
I'm Through - Emily Dale - 4th Place
Division 5 Solos
Dancing On My Own - Sara Funk - 3rd Place
The Chairman's Waltz - Emma Bannach - 4th Place

Division 6 Solos
Power of Love - Kaycie Weiss - 1st Place
I Dreamed a Dream - Lyndy Adamonis - 2nd Place

GK Dance Competition - Bedford, PA
April 12, 2014
Scholarship Awards
Lyndy Adamonis - $2000
Jimmy Bonilla - $1500
Kaycie Weiss - $750
Emily Kuskowski - $250

Director's "One More Time" Awards
Last Dance

Perfect Scores
I Wanna Be A Rockette - Julia Miller
The Chairman's Waltz - Emma Bannach
Last Dance
The Imparted

DanceMakers, Inc. - Tysons Corner, VA
April 4-6, 2014
Nationals Scholarships
Lyndy Adamonis
Emma Bannach

Broadway Dance Center Scholarships
Lyndy Adamonis
Emma Bannach

Every Regional City Scholarship
Jimmy Bonilla

Clifton Scholarship
Kaycie Weiss

Encore Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
March 28-30, 2014
Petite Solo Overalls - 4th Place - Mia Reese
                                5th Place - Shay Kaminski
Junior Solo Overalls - 2nd Place - Julia Miller
                                3rd Place - Rachel Ahn
Elite Division Teen Overall Solos - 2nd Place - Casey Kauffman
                                                 3rd Place - Cassandra Greenland
Elite Division Top Senior Solos - 2nd Place - Emma Bannach
                                               3rd Place - Lyndy Adamonis
                                               4th Place - Kaycie Weiss
                                               5th Place - Emily Kuskowski
                                               6th Place - Sara Funk
                                               7th Place - Jimmy Bonilla

Elite Division Overall Junior Duo/Trios - 1st Place - Accentuate the Positive
                                                          2nd Place - Growing Up
                                                          3rd Place - #thatpower
                                                          4th Place - Watch Me Work
                                                          5th Place - The House That Built Me
Elite Divisions Overall Teen Duo/Trios - 1st Place - Reflections
                                                         2nd Place - Dancing
                                                         3rd Place - We Can't Stop
                                                         5th Place - Ave Maria
Elite Division Top Senior Duo/Trios - 1st Place - I Will Wait
                                                      4th Place - The Gambler
                                                      5th Place -  Young and Beautiful

Ooh La La: 3rd Place Overall Petite Small Group
When I Get My Name in Lights: 1st Overall Petite Large Group
Enlightenment: Elite Division Junior Small Group 2nd Place Overall
Goodbye: Elite Division Overall Junior Large Group 1st Place
Matilda: Elite Division Overal Junior Production 1st Place, Junior Highest Score
Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: Elite Division Senior Small Group 1st Place
The Imparted: Elite Division Senior Small Group 3rd Place
Nothing Compares To You: Elite Division Senior Small Group 4th Place
Lead You In: Elite Division Top Teen Large Group                                              
Here We Go Again: Elite Division Top Senior Large Group

Special Awards
Reflections (Kaycie & Julia): Elite Division Teen Highest Score of the Competition
Enlightenment: Judge's Choice Best Choreography
Petite Grand Finals Scholarship - Mia Reese
Junior Grand Finals Scholarship - Julia Miller
Senior Grand Finals Scholarship - Lyndy Adamonis

All American Talent Awards - Lancaster, PA
March 21-23, 2014
Naughty - Riley Kauffman: Platinum, 1st Place Petite Musical Theatre Solo
Roam - Lindsey Weaver: Platinum, 1st Place Petite Novelty Solo
Beauty in the World - Mia Reese: Platinum, 1st Place Petite Tap Solo
I Wanna Be A Rockette - Julia Miller: High Platinum, 1st Place Junior Solo
Chairman's Waltz - Emma Bannach: High Platinum, 1st Place Overall Teen Solo
Power Of Love - Kaycie Weiss: Platinum, High Score Senior Contemporary Solo
I Dreamed a Dream - Lyndy Adamonis: High Platinum, High Score Senior Lyrical Solo
                                                          Overall High Score Senior Solo

Funky Y2C - Shay Kaminski & Mia Reese: 1st Place Petite Jazz Duo/Trio
#thatpower - Kiyah Lugue & Hope Neal: 1st Place Junior Hip Hop Duo/Trio
Circus - Jenna Brugler & Brooke Givens: Platinum, 1st Place Junior Novelty Duo/Trio
Reflection - Julia Miller & Kaycie Weiss: High Platinum, 1st Place Overall Teen Duo/Trio
Bump -Jimmy, Emily Kuskowski, & Jen Veltri: High Platinum, 
                                                                           1st Place Senior Hip Hop Duo/Trio
Young and Beautiful- Lyndy, Jimmy, & Kaycie: High Platinum, 
                                                                    1st Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio
I Need A Dollar - Rachel King & Emily Kuskowski) - High Platinum,
                                                                      1st Place Senior Jazz Duo/Trio
I Will Wait - Lyndy & Jimmy - High Platinum, 
                      1st Place Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio and 3rd Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio
Elephants - Lyndy, Kaycie, & Jill: High Platinum,
          1st Place Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio and 2nd Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio

Come Down to Me: Platinum - 1st Place Petite Lyrical Small Group
Matilda: High Platinum, 1st Place Junior Musical Theatre Line and
             3rd Place Overall Junior Line
Last Dance: High Platinum, 3rd Place Overall Teen Large Group
The Imparted: High Platinum, 2nd Place Overall Senior Small Group
Grow: High Platinum, 1st Place Overall Senior Small Group
Always A Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: High Platinum, 2nd Place Senior Small Group

Studio Award for the most Platinums & High Platinums in the Competition

Broadway Dance Center Scholarships
Lyndy Adamonis
Emma Bannach
Jimmy Bonilla
Kaycie Weiss



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